Poppa's Corner

Well friends, this is my first venture into Podcasting.  I am a 76 year old fart and I really have no idea what I am doing so bear with me.  I have always been a writer so that bit is easy.  Since I do love to talk, I hope the podcasting will come easy as well.

I plan to do shorter but more frequent podcasts.  I have sampled many and some seem pendantic and overly long.  Others, much too short.  There are instructional podcasts, political and just about every category imaginable BUT I found very FEW that focused on a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestylediet. So that is what I will talk about as well as my Cancer Journey; but not exclusively.

I love to tell stories about how Nancy and I got started in this area of Delicious Food so now and then I will digress from the main topic.  

My First Podcast will cover a Who I Am sort of introduction and can be found at the first page on this new site.  For links and information on our over 20 other web sites, please visit https://skipstein.com